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PRNL Offers A Broad Range of Maritime Security Services:

Proxemac Resource Nig. Ltd. Maritime security Services delivers a full range of services to meet the needs of our clients.

  1. On-Board Security personnel
  2. OB-Training
  3. Ports Facilities
  4. Passenger/Cargo Operations.
  5. Offshore Security Escort
  • Our fast support vessels host an onboard-armed security team that circumnavigates the client asset to make operations/transits as safe and cost effective as possible.

Sophisticated satellite and radio communication systems are in place to ensure maximum efficiency of the embarked security team – who are in constant contact with our 24/7 operations Centre who are tracking the vessel and updating them with live intelligence on any recent attacks.

  • From the wide range of options, each escort vessel is carefully chosen to match the requirements of the client operation.
  • Operating from Lagos, PRNL offer a wide range of security solutions to our clients in Nigeria waters, and more importantly we are able to tailor each service dependent on the client vessel’s needs. We can offer Gunboat Escorts into major ports and anchorages from up to 200nm Offshore, Armed Guard teams, from 5-7 men depending on vessel movements and Maritime Security Liaison officers, to apply the highest caliber of knowledge and training to a vessels security requirement, giving us the ability to offer the highest-level service, with quick embark/disembarkation of armed Guards, excellent communication and follow up.

All our operations in Lagos and beyond are 100% legitimate and legal, we only use Nigeria Navy sectioned Armed Guard, and we make a point of staying up to date with the latest local legislation and politics.

In accordance with the Maritime Transportation and Security Act (MTSA), International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code monitoring the threats of piracy, Health and Environment concerns, Proxemac Resource Nig. Ltd, personnel have the Training knowledge and skills required to meet the demands of the maritime industry.

Maritime security requires a variety of specific services related to access control, screening, compliance with federal and international regulations, and incident response and reporting.

Our Clients value both their privacy and safety. At PRNL we ensure that our clients receive a dedicated team who are both discreet and non-intrusive. The moment we receive the intent from our client our planning team is activated. All relevant intelligence data is collected and carefully outlined thus forming the basis of our operations plans.

A rigorous training and certification program ensure that Proxemac Resource Nig. Ltd. security personnel meet the highest standards of the industry.

Critical data collection and close and cordial working relationship with the ships company personnel are important ingredients to successful surveys. Our consultants have been in the industry for decades and have an incredible amount of knowledge and experience in both maritime and security operations.