49, Charity Road, Abule Egba, Lagos.


Armed Escort: Proxemac Resource Escort Services are highly specialized service that provides individuals and high confidential items with armed protection while transporting your items and other special information. 

Close Protection: We provide trained personnel for client’s special needs to mitigate the use of armed personnel when necessary.

Travel Risk Management: As companies and organizations expanding their presence also in regions with only little security infrastructure, it has become increasingly important to have up-to-date measures for the security and safety of employee, travelers and experts in place. We assist by creating and optimizing your travel risk management.

Vehicle Tracking:  We offer an efficient vehicle tracking system is designed and implemented for tracking the movement of any equipped vehicle from any location at any time. The proposed system made good use of a popular technology that combines a Smartphone application with a micro controller. 

Fleet Management: Proxemac Resource present an effective offering which suits fleets of varying sizes- from trucks to light commercial vehicles. Even the entry-level fleet management technology by Proxemac Resource always enables customers to have direct control over their mobile assets and workforce  

Hotel Reservation: We provide detailed descriptions of hotels, photos, videos, and user evaluations for business and private travelers. We also negotiate free additional services such as security and late check-out in hotels.