Good Reasons To Hire A Security Guard Company With The Latest Technology

Even if it may look like drones and robots will not replace security guards soon, technology is evolving at such a great speed that for sure it will happen one day. But today, while moving towards that goal, technology is ensuring to make the job of every security guard company simple for providing excellent security guard services to their respective clients.

But what’s unfortunate is that not every security guard company is willing to embrace and invest in it, and that has a lot more drawbacks than benefits. However, today we are going to talk about the reasons why you should look for and hire a security guard company that invests in the latest technology. And they are as follows:

1. Effective Guard Tour Patrols

Conducting accurate guard tour patrols on client sites to ensure the security of property and personnel is the ultimate goal. Technology makes sure that it’s done correctly, and security guards checked-in on the site can be held accountable for performing the right tasks regularly. For instance, Proxemac Security’s guard patrol solution allows generating NFC tags and QR codes to help conduct guided site tours. It lets the guards scan each tag or code using the guard mobile app to improve on-site performance and of course guard tour patrols.

2. Real-Time GPS Tracking

A security guard company should not be in a position to assume what’s happening on site. They should be equipped with the right technology to pinpoint the location of the guards to know exactly what’s going on-site in real-time. This simple feature in the form of GPS or geofence in their patrol management system not only ensures enhanced productivity on-site but also reinforces accountability, discourages guards from skipping patrol sites, and enhances their safety on remote sites.

3. Detailed Guard Tour Reports

Guard tour reporting is one of the most basic aspects of every guard tour patrol. Which is why the guards are expected to create reports that are as detailed as possible. The reason being, it allows the managers to take actions based on the facts provided in them. But, what makes it possible to share them live with the management and clients? A guard mobile app, a crucial patrol of a patrol management system that a security guard company nowadays equip their guards with for transparent and custom reporting and so much more.

4. More Efficient Scheduling

A scheduling module of a security guard company’s patrol management system may not seem like an important piece of the puzzle to you. But trust us, it’s what keeps the security operations going smoothly. The technology Proxemac Security uses allows us to schedule guards as per their skill sets, work hours, and pay rates. If an open shift is created, they can choose whether they want to work or not to enhance job satisfaction. Urgent client requests can be scheduled effortlessly, and guards can be notified of the schedules changes in real-time.

5. 24/7 Fast Dispatching

Incidents aren’t planned, they just happen. And when they do, how quick your security guard company is at dispatching security guards to the site to take control of the situation is all that matters. A modern patrol management system comes with a dedicated dispatch system that allows the dispatchers to respond to an emergency call in time, record information, assign guards to the dispatch ticket, and stay connected with them to get live updates, all at once. Thus, allowing them to make effective decisions based on quality data in times of crisis.

What expectations do you have from your security guard company?

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